Experience & Innovation

GLM Commodities is an innovative cash grain marketing firm. We recognize that the challenge of managing a farm business continues to grow and becomes more demanding. GLM Commodities offers a complete program of cash grain marketing & consulting services. You have the opportunity to choose any or all of these services to meet the needs of your farm operation.

We provide a one on one consultant to help strategize your marketing to maximize profitability of your farm. We analyze all aspects of your farming operation to come up with the best marketing and logistic plan that has the best opportunity for farm profitably with the least amount of risk.


GLM Commodities was founded by Greg Mockenhaupt.  Greg was born and raised in in Eastern Nebraska with a passion for working with and helping farmers.  He has a Bachelors degree in Marketing Management. With five current members on our advisory team, we are constantly evaluating the current market conditions looking for opportunities.

“I don’t have the time to market, Greg keeps me disciplined, motivating me to sell when I should. He is there to talk to and answers my questions. Greg knows my operation and its marketing needs. With his help I am able to get goals for my farm and the most out of my grain.”

Kent, Tekamah, NE